Whole cakes:

1) Carrot cake with coconut cream cheez frosting
2) Vanilla Almond Fudge Cake
3) Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla “Butter” Cream
4) Blueberry or Strawberry Shortcake
5) Chocolate Fudge Cake with fresh Berry filling and Chocolate Frosting
6) Carob Brownie Cake
7) Rainbow Cake
8) Ice Cream Cake
9) Lucuma Coffee Cake

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Carrot cake-Rocking-Raw-Vegan-Raw-Food-Restaurant-NYC Chocolate-Fudge-Cake Rockin-Raw-Catering-Cake-Pieces

Whole Pies:


Berry Me Pie Rockin' Raw

1) Cookies n Cream Mousse Pie
2) cold-pressed Coffee Mousse Pie
3) Berry Cheezcake with fresh Berry Purée
4) Lucuma Cheezcake with Fudge and/or Vanilla Cream
5) Chocolate Ganache Pie
6) Classic Cheezcake with fresh Berries
7) Lemon Meringue Pie
8) Key Lime Pie
9) Jalapeño Key Lime Pie
10) Banana Cream Pie
11) Apple Pie
12) Mint Chocolate Mousse Pie
13) Coconut Cream Pie

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 Chocolate Ganache Pies-Rockin-Raw-Vegan-Raw-Food-Restaurant-NYCpumpkin pie-Rockin-Raw-Vegan-Raw-Food-Restaurant-NYC

Cakes Information:

Rockin-Raw-Catering-Cake Rockin-Raw-Catering-Cake

All cakes can be made into different shapes

Hearts, squares, star, guitar, Elmo, etc.. We decorate for all themes, children’s birthday, baby shower, etc..
Weddings CakeRockin-Raw-birthday-cake-50
We do wedding cakes too!

Whole Cakes and Pie prices

(please note some cakes vary in prices based on ingredients)
9″ round , serves 8-10 slices $65
12″ round, serves 12-14 slices $85
14″ round, serves 16-18 slices $128

Cookies sold by the dozen and half dozen (*assorted )

1) Mounds
2)Cream Sandwich Cookies
Flavor options:
*Cacao Maca
*Red Velvet
*Salted Chili
3) Raweo
4) vanilla cashew fudge
5) chocolate chip
6) Oatmeal raisin


Cookies and pastry Prices:

$42 dozen / $22 half dozen
We do raw and baked.
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Magical Hemp Brownie


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